Michael Tiemann

Co-owner & General Manager

After moving to North Carolina and becoming involved with its arts and culture communities, Michael saw that North Carolina was over-achieving in terms of local talent, but under-achieving in terms of local media production. He founded Manifold Recording to combine old-school acoustics with modern technologies and a recording process that honors both artistic performance and authentic audience experience. Michael operates and assists with all video recording and editing aspects of the facility. More about Michael.

Amy Tiemann

Co-owner & Producer

Amy Tiemann, Ph.D., is an author, educator and multi-media producer. Through her books, podcasts, in-person workshops and online outreach, she has developed many ways to reach her audience. At Manifold Recording, Amy focuses on video production. More about Amy.

Ian Schreier

Chief Engineer & Producer

Grammy-nominated, twenty-year industry veteran Ian Schreier is the chief engineer and in-house producer/mixer at Manifold Recording and the Miraverse. Previously, Ian was a partner at Osceola Studios and founded Grooveworks Recording Studios. More about Ian.



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