Amy Tiemann, Ph.D., is an author, educator and multi-media producer. Through her books, podcasts, in-person workshops and online outreach, she has developed many ways to reach her audience. At Manifold Recording, Amy focuses on video production. Amy has two production niches: first, helping authors create new forms of media to provide new material to enhance outreach to their fans. A custom video or audio can provide expanded or customized training and can be produced much more quickly than writing a new book. Amy’s second producing passion focuses on creating new audio and video products for socially beneficial causes.

Her previous publishing experience includes both working with a major New York Publisher, Gotham Books, as well as independent book publishing. Her breakthrough book, Mojo Mom: Nurturing Yourself While Raising a Family, now in its second edition, catapulted her movement into what is now one of the most popular online parenting resources. Visitors have logged more than 125,000 downloads of her Mojo Mom Podcasts alone. Her next book, Courageous Parents, Confident Kids was written in collaboration with 12 experts and benefitted from an innovative e-book launch that reached over 30,000 people.

Amy has honed her publicity and media expertise as a sought-after speaker and commentator. She is a frequent guest expert on parenting websites, national radio tours, magazines from Redbook to Glamour, and TV including NBC’s Today Show. She loves radio and is a member of the Community Advisory Board for North Carolina Public Radio, WUNC.

Amy is thrilled to be a producer at a time when all forms of media and publishing are converging, and she looks forward to bringing clients’ visions to life with innovative projects at Manifold Recording.