Every session is unique, but there are some constants that seem to apply universally, so here goes.
  • Tell us about your project

    Communicating this information is the first step to ensuring a smooth and successful session. Whether it’s a solo recording, 4pc. rock band, live jazz trio, orchestral arrangement, or whatever, our team needs to make the necessary preparations. Communicating details about your session allow us to better advise you about what resources and services we can offer.

  • Tell us who is involved

    Are there other roles/people a part of your project other than the recording musicians? Do you have a Producer? Do you need a producer? Are you shooting video? Would you like us to shoot video? Do you need other musicians? If you want or need us to, we can help you find qualified people to fill these and any other roles you need.

  • Bringing people to the studio (or to your location)

    Is there a manager, agent, or financial patron who needs or wants to attend? Let us know all the people involved, and kept us the loop to avoid confusion, delay, and interruptions to the recording process. Communication is key to any successful session. If this will be a remote recording session, a site visit will help us select the right gear to have on hand.

  • Setting goals and expectations

    Probably the most important part of starting any project is having a clear definition of goals. The more we know about your hopes for the project and the resources you’re investing, the better we can help you make the most of what is possible. But whatever your goals, we’re here to help you plan, and ultimately reach them.

  • Instruments and Gear

    It is important to make sure your gear is studio ready. Well functioning and free of hums, buzzes, rattles, or any noises you’d rather not be a part of your record. If you need, or would like to use some of our instruments, it is critical that information gets to us in a timely fashion. We have a ready assortment of musical instruments, but things need to be checked out and ready for when you arrive. If you are using our piano, a tuning will need to be scheduled in advance. Remember to bring extra strings, heads, sticks, reeds, batteries, or anything that regularly needs replacing.

  • Other stuff (we don’t have but you might need)

    If there is other equipment necessary for the session, all will have to be coordinated with the Manifold staff. For example, if you need choir risers, a different piano, or some other special instrument that requires extra hands to set up, we need to plan for its arrival and departure. In fact most things that would benefit from being dropped off in advance of the session, can be arranged with advance notice. In addition, we need a clear understanding of who is providing, who is transporting, and who is paying for this outside gear. Similarly, if this is a remote session, we need to plan the logistics of how we get the right gear to your location, set it up, take it down, and return it safely to the studio.

  • Get set, Go!

    So, to get the ball rolling, contact us to begin the process of the initial planning and scheduling of your next project. Or even if you just have questions…

  • Payment policies, session schedule and hours, deposits, refunds, etc.

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