Given the uniqueness of every session, it is always a challenge to say with any certainty how much it is going to cost to record a song or to produce an album. But if you have a good idea how much time you need for recording, mixing, and/or mastering, how much video you need, etc., then here are some pricing guidelines to help translate those chunks of time into a financial budget.

Main Studio base rate (recording and/or mixing):

 Day RateHalf-DayHourly (*)
Student Audition800400150
2 members1200600175
3-4 members1400700200
5-8 members1600800250
9-12 members18001000300
13-18 members21001200375
19+ members25001500450

Main Studio base rate for concert recording: $2500 – $6000 depending on event requirements. (Catering can be supported, but is charged separately.)

Studio Annex base rate (mixing): $800/day, $500/half-day, $150/hour.

Piano tuning: $150 (requires one week notice)

(*) Hourly rates are charged either for very short sessions (with known clients) or when session overruns “normal” descriptions. For us, a day is 8 hours of work, possibly (and preferably) with one or two hour-long breaks. If you book a half-day and it runs over, we’ll round the hours (29 minutes rounds down to zero, 30 minutes rounds up to one) and charge for that. Pro tip: If you know you need two days, it’s less expensive to use two days than extending a day by eight hours.

Video recording with your cameras and crew: no charge.

Video recording with our cameras, lenses, lighting, and crew: $1200/day per camera package or $200/hour. Media offload: $25/hour. Media charges: cost + 20%.

These guidelines should work for the vast majority of sessions, but we reserve the right to offer discounts and or charge premiums according to the unique needs/requirements/opportunities presented by the session. And we need to collect sales tax as required by law.

For first-time clients, a deposit of 50% of the scheduled session is due before the session begins. For all clients, payments are due when services are rendered.