Week 151 (Construction of the Walling)

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Two months ago, the completion of the Music Room Cloud gave me the opportunity to take a step back from basic progress reports and to talk more broadly about the aesthetics and architecture of the project, in particular the way that large features of the studio design fit together into …

Week 146 (Music Room Floor, Part 1)

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The installation of the wood floor in the Music Room is now in full swing, for real this time.  Here are three perspectives of first twelve diamonds: Despite the awful spectrum of the mercury-vapor work lamp, these images do show how the wood appears to change color as one moves …

Week 140 (Annex Soffit Framing)

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In the Annex Control Room the carpenters have cut and installed the subfascia for the rear soffit.  Here you can see one of them putting up the decking on top: And here are a variety of perspectives to try to show what this curvature really looks like:

Week 120 (Control Room Framing, Part 3)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

As I explained in last week’s update, the angles in any control room are unlike any angles one expects to find in normal framing carpentry.  And our Control Room design has more interesting angles than most.  This week we established the endpoints of the most unique framing in the project, …

Week 103 (Dropping the Hips)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

Before this past week, I had thought that the maths involved in framing a 5:12 pitch roof was fairly straightforward: for every 12 feet of run, there’s 5 feet of rise, and so there’s not much to figuring out how to cut a rafter and put it into place.  That …