The Music Room

Since its opening in 2011, artists from across the musical spectrum, from Béla Fleck and Brooklyn Rider, to Branford Marsalis and Joey Calderazzo, to the Chamber Orchestra of the Triangle, the Indigo Girls, Carole King, and James Taylor have been unanimous in their praise of both the feel of the space and the amazing sound of the Music Room. Measuring 32′ x 52′ with a 24′ ceiling, the space is large enough to accommodate a chamber orchestra, but quiet enough to capture the whispers of a solo singer-songwriter. Built-in adjustable acoustic devices at both ends of the room can be used to dial in the levels of reflection and absorption appropriate to your instruments, arrangements, and aesthetic preferences. An interior soffit cleverly enhances the separation between direct and reflected sounds, providing greater clarity from the instrument mics and more mojo from the room mics. And built-in theater lighting makes the room as video friendly as it is music-friendly.
But the Music Room is more than just a great tracking room. It is also a great pre-production and collaboration space. Band members can gather around in a large circle–everybody seeing and hearing everybody else–and they can play together until the ideas become a song and until the songs are ready to become a record.
The Music Room is also a great place for fans and patrons who want to support your project by participating in some way–playing percussion, doing hand-claps, singing background vocals, or attending a performance “recorded live with studio audience”. Increasing audience engagement to the point they they help fund your project is truly a win-win-win proposition.
If you like what you see, come hear how it sounds and let’s talk about how we can make it work best for you and your project!

Booths A & B

Booths A & B are paired with each other and also with the Music Room. Either booth is large enough to mic a full drum set, a 9′ concert grand piano, or just about any other instrument we have (or have seen) in the studio.
Booth A measures 20′ x 15.6′ (300 sq ft) and features a live, reflective sound. Booth B measures 14′ x 15.6′ (190 sq ft) and features a very dry sound. Both feature sloped ceilings that rise from 10′ to 16. By opening a large pair of acoustic doors between them, a live-end/dead-end space measuring 33′ x 15.6′ is created. Booth A can be acoustically isolated or coupled with the Music Room by way of two large pairs of acoustic doors; Booth B can also be isolated or coupled with the Music Room by way of a single large pair of acoustic doors. All this to say: we have a lot of functional tracking space that can be configured and utilized in a lot of different ways.