Video gear rental requires a valid certificate of insurance (COI). Please present COI at least one week before renting for validation.

Actual ItemItem IncludedMax AvailWeekly Rate
Mostro VV 8K (as from RED, includes 7" DSMC2 LCD, VV PL Mount, REDVOLT XL Module and 2x Batteries, 2x 512GB Mini-Mags and RED Station Reader)DSMC2 Monstro VV 8K Package1$4,208
DSMC2 Helium S35 8K Package (with 7" Touch LCD, S35 Ti PL Mount, Lemo A, and Lemo Cable, 2x REDVOLT XL Module and Batteries, 2x 512GB Mini-Mags and RED Station Reader)DSMC2 Helium S35 8K Package2$2,318
Battery Power Options
RED DSMC2 V-Mount Battery ModuleDSMC2 V Mount Battery Module1$90
Media Options
RED Mini-mag 1 TBRED Mini-mag 1 TB3$390
Accessory Options (Availability may overlap with Packages above)
Mg PL Lens Mount
DSMC2 VV Mg PL Lens Mount1$350
RED DSMC Ti PL MountRED DSMC Ti PL Mount1$200
3 BNC to 00 Sync Cable (w/3 Male-to-Male Barrel Connectors)3 BNC to 00 Sync Cable (w/3 Barrel Connectors)2$10
DSMC2 OLED EVF w/Mount PackDSMC2 OLED EVF w/Mount Pack1$415
DSMC2 Lemo BDSMC2 Lemo B1$20
32‰" 16pin 1B LEMO cable32‰" 16pin 1B LEMO cable2$26
Wooden Camera D-Tap to Weapon Braided Flex CableWC D-Tap to WPN Flex Cable2$16
SmallHD HD6 Monitor w/Battery and AC AdapterSmallHD HD6 Monitor2$100
SmallHD StrongArm 6SmallHD StrongArm 61$8
SmallHD Sun HoodSmallHD Sun Hood1$5
SDI Cable for Small HDSDI Cable (various lengths)6$5
Cine Zoom Package (Fujinon Cabrio 19-90)
Fujinon 19-90 Cabrio Lens1$1,350
DSMC Quick Release Pack (included in Woven Weapon Package)DSMC Quick Release Pack2$125
DSMC Mounting Plate (Included in Woven Weapon Package)DSMC Mounting Plate2$10
RED 18" 19mm CF RodsRED 18" 19mm CF Rods2$15
RED 19mm Lens SupportRED 19mm Lens Support1$45
Sachtler Video 18 SB1 Head and Carbon Fiber LegsSachtler System 18 S11$464
Sachtler Video 18 SB1 Head and Hotpod Legs(Alternative to above)1$464
Subtotal for Cabrio Package$1,550-$1,990
Cine Zoom Package (Fujinon Premiere Pro 24-180)
Fujinon 24-180 Premier Pro Lens1$3,900
Wooden Camera Bridge PlateWC Bridge Plate1$50
Wooden Camera Easy RiserWC Easy Riser1$15
Element Technica 19mm Studio Hybrid (Bridge Plate)ET 19mm Studio Bridge Plate1$90
Element Technica Universal Lens SupportET Universal Lens Support2$25
Element Technica 24" ARRI DovetailET 24" ARRI Dovetail1$75
RED 24" 19mm CF RodsRED 24" 19mm CF Rods2$20
Sacthler CineHD 30 Head and Carbon Fiber LegsSachtler 3012 System 301$691
Subtotal for e.g. 24-180 Package$4,200-$4,600
Support Options
Shoulder MountRED Shoulder Mount1$60
Cinevate 35" Atlas 10 Slider (inc. case and spud adapters)Cinevate 35" Atlas 10 Slider1$100
Manfrotto 502HD Fluid HeadManfrotto 502HD Fluid Head1$20
Cinevate 26" FLT Slider w/caseCinevate 26" FLT Slider1$70
Manfrotto 504HD Fluid Head w/Miller AL LegsManfrotto 504HD + Miller1$100
Sachtler FSB 8 Head and Carbon Fiber LegsSachtler 07752$244
Matte Box and Filters
Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom 2-stage Kit 3BT Misfit Atom Kit 31$150
Bright Tangerine VIV Carbon Fibre Side Flags (Pair)VIV CF Side Flags (Pair)1$32
Bright Tangerine VIV Carbon Fibre Bottom FlagVIV CF Bottom Flag1$18
Bright Tangerine 19mm Strummer Studio BracketBT 19mm Strummer Studio1$26
Bright Tangerine 143 mm Black Hole DonutBT 143 mm Black Hole Donut1$18
143-136 mm Clamp on Ring143-136 mm Clamp on Ring1$8
Formatt-Hitech Firecrest 0.3-2.1 ND Filters (7 total)Formatt-Hitech Firecrest ND Filter7$228
Formatt-Hitech Clear Optical FlatFormatt-Hitech Clear Optical Flat2$22
Follow Focus
Bright Tangerine Revolvr 19mm Dual SidedBT Revolvr 19mm1$160
Lighting Options
ARRI L7-C Fresnel LED (Junior Stud)ARRI L7-C Fresnel LED2$236
Joker Bug 800 Kit (Baby Receiver)Joker Bug 800 Kit1$350
ARRI ST-2 Studio Fresnel (Junior Stud)ARRI ST-2 Studio Fresnel1$64
ARRI Softbank III Plus 4 Kit (2x 300W, 1x 650W, 1x 750W)ARRI Softbank III Plus 4 Kit1$165
Grip Options
Matthews Baby Jr. Steel Wheeled StandMSE Baby Jr Double Riser4$21
Matthews Junior Double Riser Rolling Steel Stand - 9.5'MSE Junior Double Riser2$25
Matthews Junior Steel Wheeled Stand (12.8')MSE Junior Triple Riser2$27
Matthews Low Boy Double Riser Combo Steel Stand - 6.3'MSE Low Boy1$13
Matthews Super Mafer Clamp with 5/8" PinMSE Mafer Clamp2$3
PL Prime Lens Options
GL Optics 12mm T2.9 Ultrawide VV lensGL Optics 12mm T2.91$270
Tokina Cinema Vista 18mm T1.5Tokina 18mm T1.51$750
Tokina Cinema Vista 25mm T1.5Tokina 25mm T1.51$600
Tokina Cinema Vista 35mm T1.5Tokina 35mm T1.51$500
Tokina Cinema Vista 50mm T1.5Tokina 50mm T1.51$450
Tokina Cinema Vista 85mm T1.5Tokina 85mm T1.51$500
Tokina Cinema AT-X 100mm Macro T2.9Tokina 100mm Macro1$250
Tokina Cinema Vista T1.5 Set (18,25,35,50,85) in CaseTokina Cinema Vista T1.5 Set in Case (18,25,35,50,85)1$2000
EF Lens Options
Canon EF 14 f2.8L Mk II1$105
Canon EF 16-35 f2.8L Mk II1$80
Canon TS-E 17 f4L1$107
Canon EF 24 f1.4L Mk II1$77
Canon EF 24-105 f4L1$50
Canon EF 35 f1.4L1$55
Canon EF 50 f1.2L1$72
Canon EF 85 f1.81$21
Canon EF 85 f1.2L Mk II1$100
Canon EF 100 f2.8L Macro IS1$45
Canon EF 180 f3.5L Macro1$70
Canon EF 200 f2.8L Mk II1$37