Video gear rental requires a valid certificate of insurance (COI). Please present COI at least one week before renting for validation.

Actual ItemItem IncludedMax AvailWeekly Rate
*Items have not yet shipped
Weapon Woven Package (as from RED, includes 7" DSMC2 LCD, 2x REDVOLT XL Module and Batteries, 2x 512GB Mini-Mags and RED Station Reader)Weapon Woven CF 6K Package1$3,375
Weapon MG Package (with 7" Touch LCD, Lemo A, and Lemo Cable, 2x REDVOLT XL Module and Batteries, 2x 512GB Mini-Mags and RED Station Reader)Weapon Mg Package2$2,685
Battery Power Options
RED DSMC2 V-Mount Battery ModuleDSMC2 V Mount Battery Module1$46
Media Options
RED Mini-mag 1 TBRED Mini-mag 1 TB3$585
Accessory Options (Availability may overlap with Packages above)
DSMC2 Mg PL Lens MountDSMC2 Mg PL Lens Mount1$175
RED DSMC Ti PL MountRED DSMC Ti PL Mount1$100
3 BNC to 00 Sync Cable (w/3 Male-to-Male Barrel Connectors)3 BNC to 00 Sync Cable (w/3 Barrel Connectors)2$5
DSMC2 OLED EVF w/Mount PackDSMC2 OLED EVF w/Mount Pack1$208
DSMC2 Lemo BDSMC2 Lemo B1$10
32‰" 16pin 1B LEMO cable32‰" 16pin 1B LEMO cable2$13
Wooden Camera D-Tap to Weapon Braided Flex CableWC D-Tap to WPN Flex Cable2$8
SmallHD HD6 Monitor w/Battery and AC AdapterSmallHD HD6 Monitor2$80
SmallHD StrongArm 6SmallHD StrongArm 61$4
SmallHD Sun HoodSmallHD Sun Hood1$2
SDI Cable for Small HDSDI Cable (various lengths)6$2
Cine Zoom Package (Fujinon Cabrio 19-90)
Fujinon 19-90 Cabrio Lens1$1,300
DSMC Quick Release Pack (included in Woven Weapon Package)DSMC Quick Release Pack2$63
DSMC Mounting Plate (Included in Woven Weapon Package)DSMC Mounting Plate2$5
RED 18" 19mm CF RodsRED 18" 19mm CF Rods2$15
RED 19mm Lens SupportRED 19mm Lens Support1$23
Sachtler Video 18 SB1 Head and Carbon Fiber LegsSachtler System 18 S11$387
Sachtler Video 18 SB1 Head and Hotpod Legs(Alternative to above)1$387
Subtotal for Cabrio Package$1725-$1793
Cine Zoom Package (Fujinon Premiere Pro 24-180)
Fujinon 24-180 Premier Pro Lens1$3,250
Wooden Camera Bridge PlateWC Bridge Plate1$25
Wooden Camera Easy RiserWC Easy Riser1$8
Element Technica 19mm Studio Hybrid (Bridge Plate)ET 19mm Studio Bridge Plate1$45
Element Technica Universal Lens SupportET Universal Lens Support2$23
Element Technica 24" ARRI DovetailET 24" ARRI Dovetail1$38
RED 24" 19mm CF RodsRED 24" 19mm CF Rods2$20
Sacthler CineHD 30 Head and Carbon Fiber LegsSachtler 3012 System 301$576
Subtotal for e.g. 24-180 Package$3985
Support Options
Shoulder MountRED Shoulder Mount1$30
Cinevate 35" Atlas 10 Slider (inc. case and spud adapters)Cinevate 35" Atlas 10 Slider1$50
Manfrotto 502HD Fluid HeadManfrotto 502HD Fluid Head1$10
Cinevate 26" FLT Slider w/caseCinevate 26" FLT Slider1$36
Manfrotto 504HD Fluid Head w/Miller AL LegsManfrotto 504HD + Miller1$50
Sachtler FSB 8 Head and Carbon Fiber LegsSachtler 07752$122
Matte Box and Filters
Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom 2-stage Kit 3BT Misfit Atom Kit 31$73
Bright Tangerine VIV Carbon Fibre Side Flags (Pair)VIV CF Side Flags (Pair)1$16
Bright Tangerine VIV Carbon Fibre Bottom FlagVIV CF Bottom Flag1$9
Bright Tangerine 19mm Strummer Studio BracketBT 19mm Strummer Studio1$13
Bright Tangerine 143 mm Black Hole DonutBT 143 mm Black Hole Donut1$9
143-136 mm Clamp on Ring143-136 mm Clamp on Ring1$4
Formatt-Hitech Firecrest 0.3-2.1 ND Filters (7 total)Formatt-Hitech Firecrest ND Filter7$114
Formatt-Hitech Clear Optical FlatFormatt-Hitech Clear Optical Flat2$11
Follow Focus*
Bright Tangerine Revolvr 19mm Dual Sided*BT Revolvr 19mm0$0
Bright Tangerine Revolvr Atom Cine Kit*BT Revolvr Atom0$0
Lighting Options
ARRI L7-C Fresnel LED (Junior Stud)ARRI L7-C Fresnel LED2$236
Joker Bug 800 Kit (Baby Receiver)Joker Bug 800 Kit1$350
ARRI ST-2 Studio Fresnel (Junior Stud)ARRI ST-2 Studio Fresnel1$64
ARRI Softbank III Plus 4 Kit (2x 300W, 1x 650W, 1x 750W)ARRI Softbank III Plus 4 Kit1$165
Grip Options
Matthews Baby Jr. Steel Wheeled StandMSE Baby Jr Double Riser4$21
Matthews Junior Double Riser Rolling Steel Stand - 9.5'MSE Junior Double Riser2$25
Matthews Junior Steel Wheeled Stand (12.8')MSE Junior Triple Riser2$27
Matthews Low Boy Double Riser Combo Steel Stand - 6.3'MSE Low Boy1$13
Matthews Super Mafer Clamp with 5/8" PinMSE Mafer Clamp2$3
Lens Options
Canon EF 15 f2.8 Fisheye1$30
Canon EF 14 f2.8L Mk II1$105
Canon EF 16-35 f2.8L Mk II1$80
Canon TS-E 17 f4L1$107
Canon EF 24 f1.4L Mk II1$77
Canon EF 24-70 f2.8L Mk II1$95
Canon EF 24-105 f4L1$50
Canon EF 35 f1.4L1$55
Canon EF 50 f1.2L1$72
Canon EF 85 f1.81$21
Canon EF 85 f1.2L Mk II1$100
Canon EF 100 f2.8L Macro IS1$45
Canon EF 135 f2L1$50
Canon EF 180 f3.5L Macro1$70
Canon EF 200 f2.8L Mk II1$37
Canon EF 400 f5.6L1$62