Week 38 (Lighting conduits)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

With the technical wiring conduits (analog and digital) deep underground and the balanced power conduits laid in 18″ above those, the electricians are now laying in the lighting conduits.

Lighting Conduits

These conduits all run to the back corner of Sound Lock 2 to be controlled by a custom Variac panel we are building.

As this view makes clear, we’ve decided to switch from PVC to metal piping when entering the sound lock because virtually all the analog signals come and go between the Control Room and the Audio Equipment Room via Sound Lock 2 and we want as much electrical isolation as possible between the power conduits and the tech wiring conduits.  The tech wiring conduits are buried beneath the footings and the lighting conduits go over the top of the footings, but we want to be extra sure, so we’re wrapping each lighting conduit in its own little Faraday cage.

Metal Conduits

Over on the North side of the studio we can see the origin of all these lighting conduits.  Here they are coming from the Electrical Utility Room:

And in detail:

Here you can see just how thick the power runs from North to South:

Clean and Lighting Power (North/South)

…and from East to West:

Clean and Lighting Power (East/West)

But there’s still more to come:

More To Come (1) More To Come (2)

Still, it’s good to see that progress is being made:

Conduit Progress

One thing is certain: this studio will be wired.