Colin Broad makes me happy

In recording studio, studio tech, technique by Michael Tiemann

It was over a year ago when Ben Loftis told me “I think you’re going to need a box from Colin Broad”.  I vaguely remember looking up the name, seeing the boxes, and thinking “OK…when I’m a little closer to building out the studio I’ll have to see what’s current and what I need.”  Well, we’re starting to gear up our equipment lists, rack elevations, and wiring lists, and so it seemed like a good time to reach out to Colin and see whether his latest products suited my project.

In a word: perfectly!

Colin Broad makes products that solve a range of problems in the area of machine and system control.  An article written a few years ago states that “[in] fact, you would have to search hard to find a UK film dubbing theatre without at least one of his products, known to all and sundry as ‘Broad Boxes’. They are also a common sight in dubbing theatres across the world. Because big film dubbing theatre requirements are so complex most of the previous products have tended to involve a degree of customisation to suit individual requirements.”  How individual, you may well ask.  I asked him to look at and tell me in specific detail how his boxes might accomplish what I promised on the website.  And while his software was developed to run on Windows (gack!) I much prefer running Linux. A few days later he tells me three things:

  1. The topology of the studio has never been done before, but he thinks its possible
  2. He’ll write up drawings by the end of the week (which he did)
  3. A new beta version of the software that just might do this new things runs on Linux (updated to Version 3).

Simply amazing.  I’m going to start following Colin’s blog.  I am thrilled that the deep infrastructure of the studio will have people like Colin supporting the effort.