The (Musical) Gift of Haiku

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Fleur-de-Lisa is an a capella quartet based in Durham, North Carolina, and they were guests today on WUNC‘s The State of Things. Frank Stasio talked with them about Hai Ka, which can be translated as Haiku Song.

Freedoms promised in 1976 may finally be realized

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A posting on the  WIRED magazine property Epicenter has some pretty exciting news about the Copyright Act of 1976, including the fact that a good-sized catalog of music will revert to the control of artists from the control of record labels.  Unfortunately, the title of the article frames the story …

McKinsey says Creative Commons matters

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Joi Ito had a major article published by McKinsey & Co in their journal What Matters.  The article is titled Creative Commons: Enabling the next level of innovation and the punchline is pretty powerful: TCP/IP and the Web are successful because they are based on open standards shepherded by nonprofit …

Copyright v. Culture

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In the case of the written word, I can quote a few words from the latest best-seller and know that I am legally protected by the doctrine of fair use.  In the case of digital media, the US 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that no such fair use exists …