The Miraverse: A Salon for the 21st Century

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We are proud and fortunate to have created the inspiring space that is Manifold Recording.  But we always envisioned achieving something more than what we can do for artists, engineers, and producers.  We believe that there is a larger public sphere that is curious, excited, and even ravenous for new …

Renaissance Weekend speech texts

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As we have in the past, our family participated in Renaissance Weekend in Charleston, South Carolina.  It is a wonderful opportunity to share ideas we’ve been developing and to learn from many, many people whose perspectives are truly global.  This year I was invited to share some remarks as part …

The importance of art education

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Last week the church I attend highlighted The Arena Culture, an editorial by David Brooks which considers a new book All Things Shining.  David Brooks writes: For the past hundred years or so, we have lived in a secular age. That does not mean that people aren’t religious. It means …

Listening To Music

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It may seem a radical notion, but Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia is a live music venue that actually encourages audiences to listen to music instead of talking over it.

Filling a Real Need

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The artcile Is There an Ecological Unconscious? in the January 31 2010 Sunday New York Times Magazine probes a deep psychological question, examining solastalgia and soliphilia along the way.  Both are rooted in the Latin solacium (comfort), but one riffs on nostalgia (which connects to the Greek root –algia (pain …